Invested in hospitality


Activar Hôtels

develops, builds and manages hotels in which we've invested. We also manage hotels we don’t own, because we’re good at it.

What we do.


Activar Hôtels

is about creating and managing spaces where people want to stay and where they want to come back, and capitalizing on that value.

— Mathieu Mault, CEO, Activar Hôtels

One night accommodation on us.
Anywhere in Canada.

In exchange for a successful hotel management contract.

Activar Hôtels operates in two market segments

Invest with us.

Activar Hôtels pools together high net-worth investors to build and acquire strategic real estate assets in the hospitality industry.

We are inspired by local people, realities and flavours.

No two hotel projects
are carbon copies.