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Activar Hôtels

pools together high net-worth investors to build and acquire strategic real estate assets in the hospitality industry.

Since our inception, we’ve raised $70M in equity and debt that have funded 6 hotel projects.

For new builds, Activar Hôtels spearheads the full hotel development process in turnkey fashion, from land acquisition to a hotel’s opening.
For acquisitions, Activar Hôtels undertakes a rigorous process of due diligence ensuring we target assets that are underperforming, to provide our investors with significant upside value.
Investments in our projects range from $100,000 to $5M. Investors must be qualified according to the local financial regulatory body.
We target financial returns between 15% and 20%.

This return is forecasted and based on a 5 to 7-year holding pattern, including an exit strategy through asset disposition or refinancing.
Being an investor with Activar Hôtels
Although investment in Activar Hôtels projects may be passive, transparency and accountability remain paramount. For every project, an investor gets:

• Monthly profit and loss statements
• Detailed quarterly reports
• Yearly financial statements
• First look at any Activar Hôtels investment opportunities
• The opportunity to approve the hotel's yearly budget and marketing plan


"As a hotel owner, I appreciate Activar Hôtels’ transparency in reporting and their creativity in attracting new business. I would partner with them again without hesitation."

Stéphane Blanchette, Owner of Microtel Lac-Mégantic Inn & Suites by Wyndham


Invest with us.

Activar Hôtels

develops, builds and manages hotels in which we've invested. We also manage hotels we don’t own, because we’re good at it.

Investment opportunities

Opportunity 1

Location: Lachute (QC)
Rooms: 72
Description: new economy hotel construction in monopolistic market
Investment required: $3M
Minimum investment: $300,000
Timing: January 2022
Forecasted ROI: please contact us for more information
Status: closed

Opportunity 2

Location: Mont-Tremblant (QC)
Rooms: 100
Description: existing hotel acquisition and land development opportunity
Investment required: $6M
Minimum investment: $250,000
Timing: May 2022
Forecasted ROI: 15% to 20% on a 5-to-7-year hold
Status: open

Opportunity 3

Location: 1-hour from Ottawa (ON)
Rooms: 25
Description: lifestyle hotel acquisition/revamping in leisure destination market
Investment required: $3M
Minimum investment: $500,000
Timing: September 2022
Forecasted ROI: 10% to 15% on a 5-to-7-year hold
Status: open

Opportunity 4

Location: Lac-Sainte-Marie (QC)
Rooms: 80
Description: lifestyle hotel/resort construction in leisure destination
Investment required: $7M
Minimum investment: $500,000
Timing: summer 2023
Forecasted ROI: please contact us for more information
Status: open

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