We’re a conductor of
commercial development.

Activar Hôtels:

Pre-qualifies hotel sites.
Access, visibility, surrounding ecosystem, infrastructure.
Determines how to fund a project.
Debt/equity stack, syndicated equity, sole investor.
Establishes a legal structure for the project.
GP/LP, condo hotel, traditional corporation.
Leads the site plan design.
Meeting of regulations, brand standards and market needs.
Completes all due diligence activities of the purchase and sale agreement.
From the onset of the purchase to the closing of the transaction.
Works with municipal officials.
Validation of all plans and securing of building permits.
Manages all aspects of franchise relations.
Agreement negotiations, required filings, brand management and legal obligations.
Hires all the required consultants.
Overseeing of timelines and work accomplished.


“Roynat is extremely proud and satisfied of our financial partnership with Activar Hôtels. We’ve witnessed their professionalism throughout the years and have been impressed with their ability to deliver on a new hotel construction during Covid-19, with not a penny over budget.”

Marie Parent, Regional Director of Roynat Capital (Québec and East Québec)



We build on time
and on budget.


Activar Hôtels

acts as the project manager for its new construction hotels. We select the general contractor and oversee their work: supplier contracting, accounting and bank draws, cash flow and supplier payment. We prepare monthly progress reports and balance sheets for investors throughout the construction process.


We favour local sourcing and supplying.

Activar Hôtels sources all furniture, fixtures and equipment. We prioritize local suppliers and vendors.

We do the paperwork.

Activar Hôtels secures all regulatory approvals and permits to build and open each hotel project by working with its team of selected consultants and regulatory officials.


We’re great fans
of modular construction.