Let us
manage for you.

Activar Hôtels

provides hotel owners peace of mind with turnkey hotel management and renders your hotel significantly more attractive for refinancing or acquisition.

Our managed properties have outperformed the competition:

Source: STR report running 12 months for economy chains

What we do.

Full-service hotel operations and asset management
Financial and operational reporting
Increase sales in all channels and segments
Revenue management to maximize profits
Human resources (staff hiring and training)
Successful marketing of the property

30-day promise:
we’ll tell you how we can help you.


“We were introduced to Activar Hôtels recently and they performed a 30-day financial and operational assessment of our hotel at no charge to us. Their “all hands on deck” approach and clear vision for my property gave me confidence. After 20 years of operating the hotel myself, I felt comfortable handing over management to Activar Hôtels so that I can focus on growing my overall resort business.”

Paul Murphy, President and Owner of Calabogie Peaks Hotel & Resort


Activar Hôtels

can perform an assessment of your business: property, operations and finances. We will provide you with a detailed report presenting our recommendations for future success within a 30-day period,
at no cost to you.


A hotel management business case:
why you want to do business with us


Activar Hôtels has been successful in turning business around for our clients.

We’ve produced a business case that highlights one of these successful turnarounds and how we did it.